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Other Subgenii

THE LINK! Solve all your problems with
The Church of the Subgenius

If the lies they tell us are called truth, then what they call lies are surely true

THIS WEEKS BANDS (With Websites That I could find, anyways)
Cephalic Carnage
Anal Cunt
Brutality Reigns Supreme
Pig Destroyer
Severed Savior
Crimson Thorn
Grand Magus

Imbalance Records- Cybergrind and noise warfare
Nuclear Blast Records- Tons of great bands on this label
Avant Garde Music - Black Metal and Dark Ambient
Necropolis Records- Pure Blasphemy
Deathvomit Records- Extreme grind offshoot of Necropolis
NeckFuck Productions- Nasty in your face GRIND
Southern Lord Records -Stoned and doomed at Southern Lord Records
BileStyle Records- Run by the guys in Bile
United Guttural Records--rrrrrrrgrghgrhrghghgrhgh
No Fashion Records- extra cool guys running this label
Century Media Records- Great Bands and some great prices
Confusion-records- Old Grandad alone makes this label worthwhile
TVT Records- Super Industrial/metal label
Broke Bunnie Recordings- Noise, Dark Ambient, Electronic...Whole cd's free for download
Extremist Records- Grind/death/black metal label & distro...FUN FOR THE FAMILY!!
Morbid Records- German Death and Grind Label
Ant-Zen Records- VERY Dark Ambient
Noise Records- a good mix of music styles here
Spoth Records -
Metal Blade Records- Where all this shit started
Brain Ticket Records- Worship at the Altar of Black Sabbath
X-Rated Records- Get your mind out of the gutter
Redstream Records
Razorback Records- Grind and Gore
Prosthetic Records
Kokampf Recordings- Disturbing!
Hypnotic Records.
Solardisk Records- Check out the band Plan E
PervertedTaste Records-
Baphomet Records- Specializing in extreme Black and Death Metal
Dwell Records- Dwellings into the Underground
Dragon Flight Records- Scare your neighbors
Sinternational Records-  Up from the  underground
BloodBucket Productions- drip, drip, drip...RRROOAARR
Nekrotek Records-
Live Bait Recording Foundation- Excellent dark drones and terror
Repulse Records- The heavier side of our little world
Lost Disciple Records- Annihilating the Millenium
Dark Realm Records- Run by the guys in Sadistic Intent
Full Moon Productions- In the Name of Satan
Osmose Productions- With Hatred for all
Earache Records- I just cant leave them out
Possesive Blindfold Records- More Droning Darkness
Olympic Records- a small but potent stable
ITN Corporation- Home of In the Nursery
Wordclock Records- Scott Evans' (Beauty) Label
Dark Symphonies- Ah, Begins the Cemetary dance...
Howling Bull Records- The Japanese Underground
Crunch Pod Media- Disturbing Types
Meteor City Records- what, are these guys stoned? Well, who isnt
Root of All Evil Records- Only two years old!
D-Trash Technologies- Yes, its true, INDUSTRIAL GRIND!!!
Hammerheart Records- Unveiling the Wicked
Listenable Records- Nothing is ever loud enough
Arctic Music Group- Home of Malevolent Creatiom and...You? HEY These guys want bands! Contact them!
Pavement Music- Their stuff just keeps getting better
Warp Records- Industrial Insanity
Relapse Records -the clearinghouse of all things cool


Eternal Frost- BRUTAL METAL ONLY! underground bands: news, reviews and interviews.
Recycle Your Ears- Dark Ambient and Industrial. Great reviews, Interviews, and news
MetalShtorm - Reviews, news, and audio samples, updated whenever he has new material. One of the best sites on the net, pure industrial/noise DIY
Spiritual Suicide- European Death/Grind Zine, get your euro-news here
Wetworks - You like Industrial, Electro or cool noise? Head Here!
Bludgawd- The extreme metal resource
Sonic Terror -  The Real underground stuff
The AmbienTrance- Meditation Drones, interviews and reviews

Bloodsoaked Promotions- The Pure Brutality clearinghouse
High Times Magazine- No explanation needed

Try these for SLACK
Links rotate so come back often
Modern Life- Excellent disturbing/funny Flah toons here
CIA For Kids- I could not make this shit up!!
Back Metal Hanson- They've seen the error of their ways
Bert is Evil- I Fucking Knew It!!
Construct-a-cult- create your own religion. Its easy!
Progressive Universal Life Church- For 20 bucks you can be declared a saint in this church, with a certificate to prove it!