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Playlists (8 weeks worth)
All songs are in order played
Operation Desert Goat (Goatsblood)
Move the Mountains (Sea of Green)
Twilight Train (Grand Magus)
Handmade God (Monspell)
Hearing Voices (16)
Lost (Brave)
Lord of Sorrow (pale Divine)
Blood of the Land (Primal Dawn)
Licked by the ... (Die Apopalypschen Rieter)
Embodiment of Chaos (Sinister)
Toward Devastation (Centinex)
Ordained (ordained)
Sincere Chainsaw Salvation (Thanatos)
Masters of the Rage (Zorg)
Karmanik Juggerend (Maruta Kommand)
Sledge (aural Blasphemy)
The Conversion (Blackmouth)
Neon Stars (Autocad)
EVP (Absynth)
Dark Dreams (Ztigmata)
Pay Me With Blood (Aeon)
War (Total War)
Drain (Rotten Sound)
Denounced (Bane of Existence)
Black Cross Burning (Walhalla)
Nascent Ones (Averse Sefira)
Multiple Errors (Deepred)
Remnants of Untruthful Existance (Withered Earth)

Group Therapy ( Lockweld)
Silk Warm (Halogen Project)
Track 2 (Inanna)
Flak (Railgun)
/~/ (Sanctum)
She Will Not (Neutral)
Fibronics 128 (Autocad)
Another Strain (Sleeping With the Earth)
Funeralopolis (Electric Wizard)
The Sky Fell Forever (witchunt)
Lysander (Aesma Daeva)
Caravan (lowrider)
Whistle Pig (Solace)
Aviator (Sunnshine)
Doom's Bride (Warhorse)
Until Death (Impaled)
Cloaked In Isolation (Council of the Fallen)
Running Board (Dillinger Escape Plan)
Place of Death (Lucifer)
Virgin Blood Bath (Splattered Cadaver)
Universe Illumination (Behemoth)
Wizard of War (Gravewurm)
Serpent's Kiss (Ceremonial Castings)
Lamia (Deadworld)
King of Ashes (Rat Salad)
Panephelenos (Epilepsy)
I Hate My Fuckin Job (the Strand)
Breeding Death (Bloodbath)
The Greyness Grows (Ephal Duath)


Top 5 Band Countdown for the month of July
5. BLIND DOG- Thundergroove
4. KULT OV AZAZEL - Legions Unleashed
3. ABSORBED- Christgrinder
2. ELECTRIC WIZARD- Vinnium Sabbathi
1. IMPALED- Night Soil

Blackmouth (Blackmouth)
Faceless (Painstation)
Noman (Combat Astronomy)
For the Last 6 Years (the Crescens Collective)
Forbiden Door (Women of Sodom)
Inflamed With Rage (Behemoth)
Return of Appolun (Aeon)
Immortals Shall Rise (Rebaelliun)
Combustible Colon (Gorectum)
Wrath and Vengeance (Bloodstorm)
Alive to Suffer (Vile)
Ancient Throne (Serberus)
Modern Day (Opaque)
Conflict (Malevolent Creation)
Die High (Primal Engine)
Filth Chamber (Abscess)
Ask For Nothing (Bonescrew)
Flower of Disease (Goatsnake)
CC- (Dixie Witch)
Earths Answer (Abdullah)
Sleepy Silver Door (Dead Meadow)

Week of July 28
Scrape (Warhorse)
Cannibal Love Song (Bongwater666)
Makin' Time (Ditch Witch)
On Icy Winds I Die (Gravewurm)
Curse of the Returned Astronaut (Scissorfight)
Man Dog (Solace)
Veil of Lead (Mirror of Deception)
Brought to my Knees (Kevorkian)
Black Evening (Ancestor)
Endless Madness Descends (Krisiun)
Artificial (Zorg)
Fallen One (Imagika)
Devastation (Serpent Obscene)
Circle of Flesh (Hypnosia)
Onward Descending (As All Die)
Dead Man (Converter)
Betwen the Fragile Cracks (Iron Halo Device)
Earthbound Experiments (Detrusion)
Wuiru-Wi Dhruum (Sleeping With The Earth)
Devastating (All Out Assault)
Summoned To Suffer (Pessimist)
Soldiers of Satan (Total War)
Deathymn (Averse Sefira)
Brutality Crusades (Warcorpse)
You Will Move (Burnt By the Sun)
Anti-Christian Phenomenon (Behemoth)
2 Week Notice (Circle of Dead Children)
Stygian Nightmare (Drogheda)

Week of July 21
no show, on vacation

Week of July 14
The Sun (Ditch Witch)
Bitter as Bile (Goatsblood)
Black Unholy Ground (Solace)
I Bleed Black (St. Vitus)
Burn (Sunnshine)
Graven Deep (Solstice)
Lose (Blind Dog)
Blown Off Course (Groinchurn)
Mysterion (The Crown)
What Happens on the Road (Coalesce)
Death By the Dead (Nunslaughter)
Version 1.2 (N17)
Who's your Daddy (Zenkil)
Trans 13 (Demon X)
1st Gate (Morthond)
Kaleinenscope (Ammo)
B-Spline Interface (Monstrum Sepsis)
Interlude (Aural Blasphemy)
Hell Unleashed (Aeon)
Rebellion at Norance (Withered Earth)
Rise (Eternal Suffering)
Mentally Sick Decomposition (Drain of Impurity)
Winged Black Spirit (Sathanas)
Satan (Total War)

Week of July 7
TOP 5 Band Countdown for June
5. PILE OF HEADS- Unleashed
4. IMPALED- Nightsoil
2. TON- 13/13/89
1. GOATSNAKE-Flower of Disease
Deaths Shadow- Devolution
Peace Minus One- Rorscach Test
New Son- Painface
Dead Air- Beauty
Nihilistic Butchery (Absorbed)
Sickening Discetion (Phobia)
The Weak Shall Be Crushed (Dying Fetus)
Baptized in Vaginal Liquid (Severe Torture)
Black Butterfly (Electric Wizard)
Dark Lord of the River (Divine Silence)
Sacred Predictions (Burning Witch)
Chariots of Thunder (Covenant)
I Am Vengeance (Doomsday Cult)
Trak 5 (Innana)
Illusion 1 (Chaos As Shelter)
Adaption (Synth-etic)
Groundloop (In The Nursery)
Black Pulse Grain (Blackmouth)

Week of June 30
Only the Strong- Solstice
Feels Like My Mind- Blind DOg
The Time Has Come- Mahavatar
Lair of the Wendol- Somnus
JuJu Moon- Umbah
Mothers Gone- Awesome Machine
E-Wand- Drecksau
Crime Divine- Dismember
Straight- Interlock
Let them Die- Primal Dawn
Let There Be Death- Ordained
Black Label- Lamb of God
Sunset Bleeding- Absorbed
Filling Station Fix- Luxurious Bags
Infection Affected Circulation- Never Presence Forever
The Dark Side- Pain Process
When You Are Dying- Umbeliatorses
Mavka- Chaos As Shelter
Blackmouth- Blackmouth
Black Seeds of Vengeance- Nile
Mindless- Disarray
Mutilation of the Human Race- Mortician
No War- Rudra
Re-Resurrection- Infestdead
Cosmic Whirlwind...- Horde of Worms

Week of June 23
Genocide Machine- Circle of Dead Children
Battle's Clarion- Averse Sefira
Soul Devourer- Krisiun
Summoning- Before God
Embrace the Burning- Kult Ov Azazel
Wrath and Vengeance- Bloodstorm
Defeat of Sanity-Defiled
Fiend Hart Hit- Stahlhammer
Into the Fray- Shroud
The Quickening- Eyes See Red
The Divine Burning of Angels- Project Hate
California- Substance D
Inri- In Slaughter Natives
What Have I Done- Sleeping With the Earth
Look at the World- Schloss Tegal
The Forever Sleep- Murderous Vision
Distraught-Left Handed Decision
The Struggle- Mind Butchery
Grip of Delusion-16
Church of the Lie- Clean State
Vinnum Sabbathi- Electric Wizard
Wanderlust- Herbert
Shivaree- Lowrider
Way Low Down- The Slowing