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Not that it matters, but my name is Ken and I am, believe it or not, a librarian in Worcester Massachusets. I am from the far northern reaches of Maine, but I now reside at least temporarily in Northeast Connecticut. I have a wonderful wife (hi Kerry) and a beautiful 3 year old daughter (hi Elizabeth).  I began my musical journey when I was in the fourth grade and I convinced my grandfather to buy me a record by Black Sabbath because I thought their name was cool. By the mid 80's I had left the world of Heavy Metal for the extremities of the punk rock scene. I just thought that bands like Black Flag and the Nihilistics had more integrity than even groups like Metallica, who by "Master of Puppets" had become a band that was following the record company's form for success. Then came Slayer's "Reign in Blood", which touched all of our souls at least a little.  I soon latched on to Napalm Death, as the 'Scum' Lp blew me away. I got into tape trading, and I still have demo copies of early grind/death bands like Deadhorse, Dr. Shrinker, Fatal, Slaughterlord, Nihilist, Terrorizer, and many others. By the early 90's I came to Massachusetts to go to school and spent much of my time going to every possible show in the Boston area- locals like Temporary Insanity, Wargasm, Sam Black Church, Formicide, Disrupt. I watched as Bill Yurkewitz brought Relapse Records to full bloom, from a single compilation tape and letters about Bertrand Russel.  When death and grind started to get pushed aside by black metal- some of which I like, most of which I don't, but thats just my taste I'm not saying they're bad- I began to drift into Dark Ambient sounds like In Slaughter Natives and Sleepchamber, and the more disturbing forms of Industrial like Skinny Puppy,Deadworld, and Godflesh.
   I'm very happy that Death Metal is back, the new Doom bands are amazing, and the heaviness in Stoner Rock is really cool. Dark Ambience and Industrial continue to get weirder, and greater. And it seems that many of the Black Metal bands are thankfully abandoning the horrid overuse of synthesizers. I hope this show can help out some of the bands. That's my main purpose, and I hope the Internet can succeed in steering people away from greedy corporate pablum. It's not bad to make some money, but it is bad to shut out others so that you can have it all. So here I'm  trying to bring it all together: my musical tastes, my belief in small level economy, and my support of free speech.

What's occupying my cd player lately                                         Books you should read (hey I'm a Librarian)
1.  Warhorse "And the Heavens Turned to Ash"                 1.Sandoz, M.- "Crazy Horse, Strange Man of the Oglalas"
2.  Aeon- "Dark Order"                                                      2.Ehernreich, B.- "Nickel and Dimed"
3.  Maruta Kommand- "Holocaust Rites"                            3. Dey, M. - Pyrotechnic Insanitarium"                 
4. Goatsnake-"Flower of Disease"                                      4. Nietzsche, F. "The Geneaology of Morals"
5.  Blackmouth- "Blackmouth"                                            5. Foucault, M. "Madness and Civilization"
6. Ravi Shankar-"In Celebration" 4 cd set                                                    
7. Behemoth-" Thelema.6"
8. Sathanas- "Thy Dark Heavens"
9. Serberus-"In Eternity" mcd
10. Gandhi, M. -"The Words of Gandhi"           

Stuff I'm passionate about:

Food Not Bombs
Leonard Peltier
the War Resister's League
School of the Americas Watch
The Green Party